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Back in the spring of 2011, I moved to Songtan and found myself curious about this interesting city. Here we had thousands of American military personnel and family members living side by side with Koreans. While I found a lot of information about Songtan online, most was either outdated, subpar, or spread across the far and distant corners of the Internet. I was unsatisfied.

As a result of this unsatisfaction, I decided to walk every last street and alley of Songtan from Homeplus straight up to the rural northern boundary fence of Osan Air Base. With paper and pencil, I mapped any and every location of interest, photographed every fascinating corner of town, and then began hiking park and mountain trails, thus mapping them too.

I spent thousands of hours on these projects, not only to keep myself occupied and satisfy my own curiousity, but also to help my fellow foreigners, both those who have lived in Songtan and Pyeongtaek for years and those who are new to town. I hope this project helps those of you who live in the area currently or will in the future. Please feel free to share these maps and visit the other pages of this site for additional helpful information!

 Available Maps of Songtan

File Size   Dimensions   Download Links   Map Description
  Full Map of Songtan (JPG) 5.72 MB   4444 x 3972   Download Map   The entire map of Songtan, Korea
  Full Map of Songtan (ZIP) 5.71 MB   4444 x 3972   Download Map   The entire map of Songtan, Korea
  Songtan Satellite Image (JPG) 4.75 MB   4444 x 3972   Download Map   Satellite image (SK / Google, 2009)

 Neighbourhood Maps

  Dokgok-dong Crop (JPG) 744 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Dokgok-dong in northern Songtan
  Ichung-dong Crop (JPG) 909 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Ichung-dong in southeast Songtan
  Jangdang-dong Crop (JPG) 789 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Jangdang-dong in southern Songtan
  Jisan-dong Crop (JPG) 913 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Jisan-dong in central/east Songtan
  Seojeong-dong Crop (JPG) 972 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Seojeong-dong in western Songtan
  Sinjang-dong Crop (JPG) 876 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Sinjang-dong in northwest Songtan

 Hiking Trail Maps

  Buraksan Trails Detailed (JPG) 825 KB   1350 x 1500   Download Map   Songtan's most extensive mountain
  Buraksan Trails Basic (JPG) 62 KB   650 x 650   Download Map   A basic trail map suitable for printing
  Dungujaebong Trails (JPG) 255 KB   650 x 650   Download Map   A nice hill in Seojeong and Ichung
  Jisan Sports Park Trails (JPG) 256 KB   650 x 650   Download Map   A wooded hiking park in Jisan-dong

 Other Helpful Maps

  Songtan Tilted Aerial (JPG) 312 KB   944 x 618   Download Map   A tilted overhead view of Songtan
  Dong Boundaries Map (JPG) 611 KB   1800 x 1800   Download Map   A basic map of local dong boundaries
  Pyeongtaek Tourist Map (JPG) 1.40 MB   2715 x 2046   Download Map   2007 Pyeongtaek tourist map (Source)
  Pyeongtaek Admin Map (PNG) 1.69 MB   4467 x 3089   Download Map   2006 Pyeongtaek admin. map (Source)
  Main Gate Clubs & Bars (PNG) 125 KB   1670 x 1175   Download Map   Main Gate clubs & bars map (Source)
  Main Gate Hotel & Food (PNG) 222 KB   1205 x 1572   Download Map   Main Gate hotels & food map (Source)
  Main Gate Shopping (PNG) 304 KB   1620 x 1244   Download Map   Main Gate shopping map (Source)
  Dr. Cho Directions (JPG) 244 KB   722 x 629   Download Map   A popular doctor amongst foreigners
  Happy Quilt Directions (JPG) 184 KB   1075 x 500   Download Map   Popular for fabric & thread (Photos)

* Osan AB Note: While all details of Osan Air Base have been gathered from the public domain, those on the online version of the Songtan map have been censored at the personal discretion of the author as a result of military OPSEC guidelines.

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