The best place to find detailed maps and information about Songtan, Korea


A statistical and photographic look at Songtan's 30 public and private schools, including teachers, students, and more.
    Photo Albums

Browse through hundreds of photos from all corners of Songtan. The largest photo collection of Songtan can be found here.

Why do I live in two different dongs? Why is Songtan part of Pyeongtaek? All this, major roads, phone prefixes, and more...
    Radio & Media

Every radio station you can hear in and around Songtan is listed here. What you can hear and where you can hear it.
  Health & Medical

Possibly the most frustrating of all experiences for foreigners in Korea, a look at health and medical options.

From E-Mart and Home Plus to medium-
sized discount marts, this section looks at shopping options in and around Songtan.

Maps, including the all-in-one city map, hiking trail maps, shopping maps, and directions to popular businesses.

Everything transit! Things you never knew about the subway, local, express, village, and airport busses, taxis, and trains.
  Parks & Recreation

A look at local parks from children's parks and neighbourhood parks to Jisan Sports Park and the trails of Buraksan.
    Web Links

Looking for information? Here's a large collection of local sites from Facebook and weather forecasts to transit and shopping.

[ A Foreigner's Guide to Songtan / 외국인을 위한 송탄 가이드 ]

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