Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide
by Chris Kadlec, January 2017

The Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide is a three-hour documentary broadcast narrated by Chris Kadlec that looks at the AM band as heard in Seoul, Korea after dark. In addition, it takes a look at propaganda and signal jamming as part of the radio wars between Seoul and Pyongyang. The broadcast is accompanied by a detailed 115-page guide and complete audio transcript. FOR CHINESE FM RADIO HEARD FROM KOREA, SEE HERE.

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Complete, 115 pgs.)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Station Guide, pp. 1-76)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(dBu Guide, pp. 77-90)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Audio Transcript, pp. 91-115)

Download Instructions:

Download the full 115-page guide by clicking the link above or download the individual sections.

To listen to the audio, use the audio players below or listen on SoundCloud.

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Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Regional Station Map)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Bandscan Locations Map)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

(Skywave Logo Compilation)

Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide (3:00:00):

Or listen to this presentation on SoundCloud,
or even download the audio for your own listening.

There is also a commentary-free version available (2:02:29).

For further information, download the audio transcript
(pp. 91-115) that accompanies this guide.

Seoul AM Radio in 10 Minutes (10:30):

For those with a short attention span, this is a preview clip that outlines hours of AM band audio as heard in Seoul in merely ten minutes.

A guide to stations heard in this clip can be found here.

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A year after the first consideration, Ryan Grabow finally collaborated with me to add three video bandscans to his YouTube series using the audio and translations I provided to him. He did a great job and has helped spread my project to numerous video-saavy listeners who wouldn't have found it otherwise. Enjoy 51 minutes of audio paired with maps, additional station information, and subtitles to better understand and appreciate what is the AM band in this region.

Video Bandscan: Seoul (Local) (19:07)

Video Bandscan: Korea/Japan (15:31)

Video Bandscan: China/etc. (17:45)