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[ Affiliates & Schedules ]

Affiliates Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40
Affiliates Delilah
Affiliates John Tesh
Affiliates MRN Radio Nascar
Affiliates Nights with Alice Cooper
Affiliates Open House Party
Affiliates Westwood One Sports
Premiere Radio Show Clocks Schedule
TV Cubana - Portal de la Televisión Cubana
[ DXing Resources ]
AM-DX Reference for AM Radio DXers
AM IBOC Stations On The Air
American Radio History AM FM TV Broadcasting
ANARC FAQ about DX'ing
Broadcast Dialogue News
Chicagoland Radio & Media
CRTC Analog transmitters mandated for digital
DMOZ Radio Links and Information
DXing Radio Information Source
DX-midAMerica Format Changes
FCC Map Book of All Full-Power DTV Stations Archive
FMQB Radio Industry News
GlobalTuners Remotely Controlled Tuners
Hampedia Information & Resources
iBiquity Digital Corporation
Improving FM Reception WERU
Mediabase What Was That Song Google Search
Michigan Radio & TV Buzzboard
NECRAT Tower & Antenna Photography
New Radio Star
NorthPine Upper Midwest Broadcasting
Numeris (BBM) Canada Radio Ratings
Pittsburgh Radio & Television Online
QTH and Grid Square Locator Map
Radio Coverage Prediction Using Longley RiceRadio-Info Discussion Boards
Radio Scanner - Professional Radio and Monitoring
Radio Search Engine
RealDX Yahoo - Medium Wave and Short Wave Radio DX
Station Index TV Broadcasting Website
The Basics of VHF and UHF Signal Propagation
The DXZone Amateur Radio Resource Guide
The History of Canadian Broadcasting
The Milwaukee Area HDTV Users Group
This Week in Radio Tech
Top Hour Legal Radio ID Recordings
Wikipedia TV-FM DX and Links

[ Es and Propagation Resources ]
DF5AI Amateur Radio Propagation Studies
G7IZU Radio Reflection E-Skip Maps
Hepburn's Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
NICT Japan Ionospheric Sounding Data
NOAA RUC Soundings from ESRL GSD
ON4KST Es Propagation Map
QSL DX Propagation Reports
Sunspot Cycle & Radio Propagation Forecasts
TVFM Skip Log! Real-time Es Loggings
VHF Propagation Map
V-UHF QSO Real Time Maps
V-U-SHF DX-Spot QSO Database Lookup
Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network

[ Personal & Club Websites ]
Bruce Conti's Nashua AM DX Log
Bruce Elving's FMedia
Central States VHF Society
Chicago Area DX Club
Chris Kadlec's Lake / Sea Inversion & East Asian DX
Chris Lucas Poughkeepsie DX Screenshots
Chris Lucas Poughkeepsie DX Videos
Danny Oglethorpe's Mexican & Latin American TV DX Tips
Danny Oglethorpe's TV DTV DX Expo
David Gleason Radio Archives
David Pierce's DX Website
Electroblog TV DX Catch List
European TV DX and Links
FM DX Australia in Brisbane
FM TV DX Website of Fred Nordquist
Girard Westerberg's FM and TV DX
Hill Country Net Radio Austin DX
Jeff Kadet K1MOD's TV DX Page
Justin Wolffing's Ubstudios DX
Kilokat7 West Michigan DX Log
KW4RZ VHF Radio DXing (Web Archive)
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc.
Mike Brooker's DX Dharma
Mike Bugaj's TV and FM DX Page
Nick Langan Florence New Jersey DX
Ontario DX Association
Paul Logan's Band 2 DX Ireland
Pirate Jim's Radio Site
Roy Barstow's DX Photos (Flickr)
Scott Fybush's Northeast Radio Watch
Stephen P. McGreevy N6NKS Natural VLF Radio and DXing
Steve McVie DXing
Sylvain Naud's Québec DX Site
The Personal Site of Ryan Grabow
Tim Noonan's DX Info from Wisconsin
TV Garth Blog
UKDX Paul Farley and North Africa FM Database
VK2KRR Leigh Rainbird The Rock NSW
W4UVH World of Radio Archives
White's Radio Log Library (1923-1970)
William Hepburn's Radio & TV DX Info Centre
44 Years of FM DX by Andy Bolin

[ Station Query & Databases ]
Brien's Caribbean Radio Guide
Broadcast Television Station Search
Degrees To Compass Designation Calculator
Doug Smith's W9WI Station Database
DTV Transition Map
FCC AM Broadcast Station Query
FCC Call Sign Reservation and Authorization System
FCC Distance and Azimuths Between Coordinates
FCC FM Broadcast Station Query
FCC Latitude & Longitude Conversions
FCCInfo by Cavell Mertz & Associates
FCC Old Broadcast Call Sign Search (Since 1980)
FCC TV Broadcast Station Query
Find Latitude and Longitude Mapping Tool
FM Fool - FM DX and Information
FMLIST Worldwide FM and TV Database
FMSCAN Radio Frequencies & Transmitter Maps
Fred Cantu's Mexico Radio & TV
GPS Visualizer Distance Calculator
Industry Canada Broadcasting Database
LyngSat TV Channel Logos
Michiguide - Michigan's Guide to Radio and TV Broadcasting
Mike Kohl State TV Databases
Nick Divakar's NJPIRG FM DX Database
RabbitEars TV Channel Information
Radio Locator Station Database
REC Networks and Broadcast Query
The Canada & US AM Station Info Search Page
The FCC Digital TV Transition Reception Maps
TV Fool - TV DX and Information
V-Soft Zip Code Signal
World Radio Map and Live Broadcasts
WTFDA FM Radio Station Database
Zona Latina Latin American Media