A Tribute and Memorial to

Ana Duarte-Coiner

The Constance Coiner Scholarship

We want the kind of work that Constance Coiner was doing through her teaching and writing to be recognized, encouraged, and sustained. The various awards and fellowships that she received during her years of graduate work provided much-needed financial support as well as encouragement and recognition. To pay tribute to Constance and to support the continuation of her work, we want to endow the Constance Coiner Fund at the Center for the Study of Women at UCLA. Constance's partner, Stephen Duarte, and her sister Virginia met recently with Gary Nash, Karen Rowe, and Mike Rose of UCLA for discussion and planning. We want to award Constance Coiner Graduate Fellowships to advanced graduate students whose work reflects a genuine interest in teaching and research that center on working-class studies and feminist issues.

In addition, we want to offer a prize to low-income undergraduate students who demonstrate an early interest in working-class and feminist issues as well as activist practice for social change.

Contributions to this fund may be sent to:

Constance Coiner Fund/UCLA Foundation
P.O. Box 24209
Los Angeles, CA 90099-4214

All contributions will be tax deductible.


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