A Tribute and Memorial to

Ana Duarte-Coiner

The Ana Duarte-Coiner Scholarship

Ana Duarte-Coiner, a student at West Middle School in Binghamton, died in the crash of TWA Flight 800. Ana attended Horace Mann Elementary as well as a summer program in the Susquehanna School and thoroughly enjoyed her years in the local school system.

Ana was a child who thirsted for life in general and education in particular. She had very diverse interests, including reading, sports, piano, dancing, Odyssey of the Mind, acting, logging computer time, and providing child care. She also had a fierce intellectual curiosity about the world and a developed awareness of social, cultural, and economic issues and how they can dramatically affect people's lives. Ana was an excellent student and an engaging, unforgettably energetic daughter and friend.

To commemorate Ana's life and values and to honor her achievements and potential, the Binghamton School District -- through the sponsorship of West Middle School -- is initiating the Ana Duarte-Coiner Scholarship. The funds accrused through this scholarship drive will go to a low-income student or students graduating from Binghamton High School in 2001, the year that Ana would have graduated. The funds will help to sponsor students' enrollment expenses in college and be targeted for students who have overcome adversity and achieved scholastic success.

We hope that such a scholarship will be a testament to Ana's infectious love of learning and her strong social consciousness. Should you wish to contribute to the fund, please send your checks made out to:

Ana Duarte-Coiner Scholarship Fund
c/o West Middle School
West Middle Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13905, USA


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